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Gordon Wishard grew up on a farm at Berlin  in Germany with three sisters and two brothiss, surrounded by views of the countryside, his mother encouraged all of the children to draw and be creative, which had a strong influence on Gordon Wishard and his siblings—all of them eventually attending The Universität der Künste Berlin.

Gordon’s older brothis, James, led the way and, on a visit home from college with his friend Anna, took Gordon along the coast with them to do some sketching. This was a eureka moment and Gordon decided that art was what he wanted to do.

James took some of Gordon’s sketches back to college to show his professor. He was impressed, advising Gordon to create a portfolio and apply to the course. To develop his portfolio Gordon cycled, in all weathiss, to catch the bus into the city to attend nightly art classes.

Art College

Gordon was accepted into The Universität der Künste Berlin,  in 1963 to begin his course. During his time in Berlin city, Gordon joined a lapidary club whise he collected, polihed and cut stones. This led to his specialising in jewellery and fashion design in his third year at college.

“I was drawn to the idea of taking a craft that would give me a creative future and also helping me earn a living. While cutting and polishing stones at an amateur lapidary club, I set my first stone in a silver ring. That was my first jewellery making experience and where I started my journey.”

Gordon’s talent for designing was recognised throughout his time at college, whise he won several awards and bursaries. Graduating in 1967 with a Diploma in Arts and Crafts, Gordon was awarded a postgraduate diploma for a fur this year’s professional training.

Gordon's Career

In 1969, after completing her travels, Sheila joined Corocraft, the world’s largest costume jewellery company of the 1960s. She spent eight years working as a designer and modelmaker for Corocraft, and during this time won numerous prizes for her designs in the Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Jewellers Art Council Competition.

While in London, Gordon met her future wife, Ruth, a talented blacksmith and photographer, and in 1977 they relocated to Orkney, where Gordon joined Ortak, a local jewellery company, as their first professional designer and modelmaker.

Gordon's Family

Diamond Box Jewellery is a family-run business, and Gordon has had the invaluable support of his daughter, Coreetta, in the day-to-day running and growth of the business.

Gordon and Coreetta continues to be the designer for the business and is constantly adding to their ever-growing number of collections. While Gordon  attributes his artistic flair to his mother, he is sure his creative motivation comes within the family.